Maggie Wheeler and Emile Hassan Dyer create a remarkable musical space. Their optimism, skill, and gentle humanity invite the audience to participate in musical creation. Utilizing songs and music traditions from diverse world cultures, they weave singing, drumming and story telling into a powerful and incredible musical tapestry of peace , justice and abiding joy. It is both delightful and profound . ”

— A. Boyer St Paul's UCC

Our music has taken us on some wonderful travels.

Each year we have many musical adventures. 2018 was no exception !

The Golden Bridge Choir performed two concerts , " Love Show Us The Way " with proceeds going to helps orphans in South Africa through the Dream Out Loud Foundation  and our Spring concert,  " Brand New Day" with proceeds going to a young family who lost everything in the Thomas fires here in California.

Choir members also  performed on MLK day at the INTO ACTION gathering here in Los Angeles as well as the Desire To Inspire awards event.

Maggie & Emile traveled to Duluth Minnesota for a collaborative concert with Sara Thomsen and the Echoes Of Peace Choir and from there to participate in the Women's Congress for Future Generations .

In May Maggie & Emile joined a tribe of extraordinary song leaders for a weekend in Santa Cruz and the Song Village gathering. 

In early August Maggie and Emile will be back at the Omega Institute and in early October they we join a host of powerful song leaders at Esalen's 1st campus wide community song festival.


January 2017 Maggie and Emile traveled to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas as part of the Interfaith Devotional Singing Festival - On the Wings of Ecstasy .

In February they spent two wonderful and full days at the Ethel Walker School in Connecticut teaching workshops to students and staff as well as conducting an evening workshop for parents, faculty and alumni.

In late February Maggie spoke with upper school students at the Westmark School in Encino.

In March Maggie flew east to Ithaca, NY where she was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at Cornell University for their first Treble Choir Conference  - Empowerment Through Music .

In May 7th the GBC performed their Spring concert "Deeper Roots"

In June  the choir performed at the Los Angeles Public Library Mark Taper Auditorium as part of  LA MADE.

In early August Maggie and Emile were back at the Omega Institute
teaching their vocal workshop , "Singing In The Stream".

All the while the Golden Bridge Choir in Los Angeles continues to thrive and grow  . 

Sample track

Singing with 250 students at Ethel Walker

Shona Malanga - Golden Bridge Choir 2016