I'll Walk That Way by Maggie Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler

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Credits Words and Music - Maggie Wheeler Produced by Maggie Wheeler & Mick Kiely - Arranged by Mick Kiely The day the Biden/ Harris ticket was officially announced, I yearned to revel in the moment... but my joy was hiding safely behind a protective armor that had been fortified by four years of political discord and unravelling. This song came as a decision to drop the protective garments of cynicism and despair at my feet and to walk unapologetically in the direction of hope and change. Even in difficult times lives the possibility of taking a moment to focus on the light, even if that light is just a ray finding its way through the darkness. This song is my reminder to walk toward that sliver of light, that whisper of change, that ripple of hope. When I sing it, I imagine the current of belief and hope pulling my human family along with me until I am no longer walking alone. It is my hope that by singing it together we are able to collectively stoke the fires of change.

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