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Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

When several people join together and practice Sankirtan [chanting the Lord’s name], a huge spiritual current, or Mahashakti, is generated. This purifies the heart of the aspirants and elevates them to the sublime heights of Divine ecstasy. —Swami Sivananda, Essence of Yoga

Devotional singing is a widespread practice in religions and spiritual traditions worldwide. In daily life and in communal celebration, people throughout time and place have given voice to the Divine through song, chant, sound, praise, in monasteries, temples, shrines, churches, ashrams, and other places of worship.

This year, we celebrate Unity in Diversity with the sacred sounds Iranian music with master musician Davod Azad, the soulful vocals of cantorial singer and Ba’alat Tefilah (prayer leader) Aviva Chernick, and the harmonies of communal sound with song leader, singer-songwriter, and choir director Maggie Wheeler, as well as kirtan in the Sivananda lineage led by senior staff of the ashram. Come sing your heart open, honor the Divine, and nourish your soul.

Join in community and experience the joy of music.